Restaurants in Tel aviv

Tel Aviv is many things – the city that never sleeps, the city with some of the world’s most stunning beaches, the architecturally impressive “white city,” one of the word’s heavyweight tech hubs, and a gastronomic extravaganza. There is a slew of restaurants and cafes going neck to neck for their place among the top eateries offering cuisine from all over the world. Of course, taste is an individual experience, but these are some of our favorites.

Asian gastronomic experience

Many local restaurants have been meeting the ever-growing demand for Asian cuisine, but patrons aren’t just expecting spring rolls and sushi!

Dinings on the Norman hotel’s rooftop has built up a reputation of superb service, a great laid back atmosphere, a cozy yet spacious venue, and delicious Japanese/Asian dishes made with the finest produce – and served beautifully. It’s definitely at the high-end of the price bracket, but as the sister restaurant of London’s Dinings and Dinings SW3, what could one expect?

For a modern take on Japanese cuisine located in the white city on Nachmani 26 is Chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s restaurant Ya Pan. The venue is stylish, sitting on the terrace is a treat, and the food is delicious and unique. The dishes are mouth-watering whether you try the fish, meat, veggie, and more. Don’t miss the wines – imported Japanese Sake – and amazing cocktails.

Also for the palates that relish in Asian cuisine comes award-winning Zepra – an Asian fusion restaurant on Yigal Alon St 96. Zepra offers Japanese, Sushi, Thai, Vegetarian dishes, and more all served in a wonderful ambiance with superb modern decor. It’s perfect for business or romantic dinners where you can sample and share the beautifully presented aromatic offerings.
Mouthwatering takes on a new meaning at Topolopompo on HaSolelim 14. Also a fantastic choice for lovers of Asian and Thai food – with Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free options – especially those who are fish fans. A bit pricey, but your visit will be more of a gourmand experience than just eating food. The showmanship in the presentation of the food is excellent, the service is very personal and attentive, and the food is just divine!

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A seafood extravaganza

If you’re looking for a peaceful, easy-going place to sit down with a book and a glass of wine, enjoy dinner with friends, or sample delicious seafood on a date, then Bar51 Rehov HaYarkon 59 beneath the Renoma Boutique Hotel, is the perfect place. Israeli Chef Moshiko Gamieli’s seafood and wine bar has plenty of outdoor seating and a sophisticated and appealing industrial- type design indoors. Expect perfectly prepared dishes accompanied by wine carefully selected by the restaurants expert sommeliers.

CoffeeBar on Rehov Yad Harutzim 13, was the first restaurant of Ruti & Mati Broudo of R2M Corporation. The separated rooms, stylish monochrome design, and huge signature flower vases make it the perfect spot for a cozy and intimate gastronomic experience or a meal out with the family. After sampling the fantastic local cuisines, seafood, or vegetarian and vegan dishes, round it off with the cheesecake!

Sea food in Tel aviv

Local cuisine at its best

The best way to experience Tel Aviv is to dive into the famed local cuisine. Romano on Derech Yafo 9, is authentic Tel Aviv from its wrap around Art Deco balcony, to its upbeat, hip and casual atmosphere. You’ll enjoy friendly service and excellent fresh Mediterranean and Israeli food – from the delicious home-baked bread to the fish, seafood, and many vegetables.

OCD Restaurant by Chef Raz Rahav serves a fantastic selection of Israeli dishes inspired by local culture, history, raw ingredients, and the changing seasons. Located on Tirtsa 17, patrons can enjoy a tasting menu that varies all the time and is always available to order from the friendly staff. The décor is cool with bar seats only, wine is paired well with meals, and the creative menu is a lovely surprise. Book well in advance!

Pizza and pepperoni anyone?

For lovers of Italian cuisine, Pronto is a long-time favorite and stalwart on the Tel Aviv restaurant scene. Since its 1989 launch, this small and intimate chef restaurant at 4 Herzl Street, has been serving outstanding and perfectly prepared food presented attractively. The raw ingredients are of the best quality – the buffalo mozzarella and anchovies, and prime rib are delectable as are the creative deserts.

Rendez Vous has so much to offer starting with a choice of Mediterranean, Italian, European, and French cuisine. Add to that a great Friday breakfast buffet. The atmosphere is warm and buzzing as the restaurant is always full. Enjoy hearty portions of imaginative dishes, efficient service, and super jazz background music.

Tel Aviv offers a choice of some of the best restaurants out there and makes a trip to the land of milk and honey that much sweeter and unforgettable!